Champs Sports App Reviews

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Attach to wallet

Can you update it so that I can attach the card to the wallet on the iPhone?

Doesnt work

The champs app will not allow me to shop.. It has never worked for me and always redirects me to the website. Pls get this fixed

So many bugs

The app is barely usable because it keeps bugging out.

Cant log in

Please fix


Today I am sorry to say I missed out on a pair of Jordan 11s because of Champs stupid reservation system. When I was informed about it, I said "Okay, Ill just sign up" Except no, because when I try to sign up, the app crashes. Thanks a lot champs, you stink.

Account Set-up Trouble

I am unable to set-up an account on the app. Please fix.


I have just recently downloaded this app and when I try to register for a new account it automatically closes.

Great app

The launch locate feature is flawless. It definitely has made searching and securing sneakers less of a headache. Thanks Champs!

Great App

Champs is the best place to go for sneakers. Their Launch Locator is extremely helpful before and on release days. This app is the new way to shop with Champs Sports.

Great app.

Finally they have an app for champs. Many customers have been asking for an app to be able to see their VIP status and more. Good job Champs.

Wanna be footlocker app

My title should tell you all you should know.

It just doesnt work

Every time I enter the app and click on anything, it doesnt work. The release calendar takes forever to load until you just give up and leave the app entirely. It needs to fix these bugs and relaunch this app, and fast.


Tried to request a password reset and it couldnt even do that I have a vip account I shouldnt be treated like this

I just love Champs

Champs is just plain awesome


As of right now I cannot use any of the features of the app except check my vip membership, other then that everything loads and never shows up even after waiting hours (I even left my phone on overnight and the checking my calendar screen was still there

Just loads, cant use

Downloaded the app, hasnt been able to see a sign shoe on it. Deleted the app, and reinstalled it, it still doesnt work. Will uninstall for good this time. Yall losing money

Just loads

Every time I open the app it trys to load my account. Doesnt let me create a new one, doesnt let me continue as a guest. I have to sit and wait until it loads fully and it never does anymore. This app worked for the first 2 months I had it, and has as of now stopped working. Very frustrating.


Checkout portion of app does not proceed past credit card# entry (i.e. doesnt proceed to order review/submit)...wasted my time; had to repeat order selection and payment on desktop computer

Cant setup account App crashes and will not load. Needs an update.

Tried to set up a new a new account with no success. App does not respond after completing all fields. Bummer.


Cant narrow the results

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